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Take care of your clients today so they will remember about you tomorrow.

 Order promotional sweets, candies with your company’s logo.

Our projects

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Promotional sweets, which we offer are unique products. We make best efforts to create not only best quality delicious sweets, but we also try to make them look beautiful. Combination of unique, natural taste of fudge with esthetic and detailed wrapper causes our promotional candies to be a perfect addition to any important ceremonies such as weddings, communions or any other family meetings and feasts, as well as any promotional actions.

We have created our projects both for the big names and for the individual customers. We prepare the wrapper’s projects based on the detailed order so they will meet our customer’s expectations. We are taking care so that sweets and their packaging meet the highest standards of taste and esthetics and they become an interesting addition to various family feasts, meetings of friends and promotional actions.
most cost-effective advertising medium
57% of those receiving a promotional product remembers its brand.
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